Raw Chocolate Cake

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I have to say, I’m rather proud of the raw chocolate cake I made recently for my daughter’s birthday.

I’m not sure that I’ve ever made such an impressive looking cake, even when I was making the baked variety.

Rich, moist, crumbly chocolate cake, smothered in sweet and creamy avocado chocolate frosting.

Decorated magnificently with my homemade coconut rainbow sprinkles.

And besides, it gave me an excuse to go shopping for these super cute springform tins.

Such a fantastic way to mould raw cake batter into the perfect shape.

And I used the trick I learned years ago when I was perfecting cheesecakes – cover the base with non-stick baking paper (don’t even bother trimming it) and insert the base upside down.

Such a simple trick, but SO handy.

It creates the perfect corner for pushing cheesecake base mix into (or raw cake batter) and makes getting it off the base later a cinch, not to mention making cleanup easier too.

I’m all for less cleaning up!

And it’s tricks like these that make life in the kitchen fun and effortless.

Like the ‘put avocado in your chocolate frosting’ trick – that’s a good one too.

If you’ve never made raw vegan avocado chocolate mousse, I highly recommend it.

You get the same decadent, creamy experience as regular chocolate mousse, without the dairy, and you can’t even taste it!

But I digress. This chocolate frosting uses that same trick, to great effect.

Rich, creamy, smooth, chocolatey frosting, perfect for making a layered raw chocolate cake.

How good does that look? Absolutely freaking awesome!!

I had so much fun making this cake, can you tell?

There is a little more fiddle than I normally can be bothered with, but it’s still not terribly complicated.

Make cake batter, dehydrate cakes, make frosting, ice cake, make sprinkles, sprinkle on cake. Done!

No more effort than making a regular baked layered cake, that’s for sure.

And it’s SO worth it.

Can you imagine bringing this out at a birthday party?

Just imagine the ‘ooohs’ and the ‘aaahs’. And then you tell them it’s raw and vegan and healthy.

You’ll knock their socks off, I just know it!

Did I mention that it tastes really good too?

It’s super chocolately and quite rich, but that’s a good thing, because it’s also a smallish cake, so a little will go a long way. Ours lasted for days, because there were only three of us eating it.

I’m so glad I took the plunge and made a raw chocolate cake, because my daughter declared it “delicious” and was very pleased with her ‘birthday cake with sprinkles’, so we passed the birthday test with flying colours. Phew.

And now I have an awesome raw chocolate birthday cake in my arsenal as well.

So here’s how I adapted Chef Amber Shea’s raw cake recipes to make this masterpiece.

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