Raw Zucchini Bread

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Some days I just crave something soft and chewy and filling. Like a piece of bread.

But any time I’ve eaten a piece of good quality, wholemeal organic sourdough bread recently, it just tasted like cardboard – flat and tasteless. Bleck!

Funny how quickly our taste buds adjust.

So I was over the moon when I tried this recipe for raw bread, based on buckwheat, red capsicum and zucchini, and found that it was both strong and soft, just like bread should be.

I spent most of my childhood years unable to eat bread, and then a good many more years after that perfecting a baked gluten-free bread recipe, just so I could enjoy the taste and texture of bread.

Sort of.

Although it was soft and tasty, it was never really strong enough to make proper sandwiches that you could pick up and bite, without the bread falling apart.

So the search for a good bread recipe is a well-trodden path for me.

I’ve played with raw wraps and raw crackers and raw crepes and things calling themselves raw bread, but everything I tried was too tough, too crumbly or too full-flavoured.

But this bread, I can make sandwiches with.

Sandwiches that hold together when I pick them up.

Sandwiches that I can bite into, and chew easily.

Sandwiches that taste like the fillings, not the bread.


I’d even go so far as to say that this recipe is better than my “amazing gluten-free bread” recipe that I must have cooked hundreds of times over the years.

So it’s safe to say I’m pretty happy about discovering this recipe for raw zucchini bread.

And because the flavour of this raw bread is so neutral, you can put almost anything with it.

Like raw walnut bolognese, home grown Tommy Toe cherry tomatoes and fresh basil. (Mmmm.)

Or almond butter, mashed banana and fresh blueberries. (Heaven.)

Or cashew cheese, avocado and tomato. (Oh yeah.)

Or cashew butter and raw honey. (Sweeeeet.)

Or avocado caesar dip and tomato. (Yum.)

Or my favourite, almond butter and mashed banana. (Wow.)

It’s my raw equivalent of peanut butter and jam, and boy does it taste good!

The possibilities are endless and terribly exciting.

So the next time I’m craving something filling and soft and chewy, I know what I’m going to make.


It’s the simple things that make life so wonderful.

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