Crunchy Hemp Coconut Fruit Salad

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I love the way that necessity leads to creativity and wonderful discoveries, like this crunchy hemp coconut fruit salad.

We went interstate last weekend for my sister’s wedding, so I had the opportunity to play with eating raw vegan while travelling.

Interesting, definitely.

My original plan was to do a partial fast while we were away – in other words, eat simply, mostly green smoothies, drink lots of water and don’t fret too much about eating.

But then the idea of not eating seemed a bit too much, so it evolved into Plan B, which was to drink green smoothies and eat as much fruit as I liked – a great idea given that we’re going into summer and were heading closer to the equator – the perfect time for an abundance of fresh fruit.

So I got myself a Tribest personal blender that I could take with me, and practiced making mini green smoothies beforehand.

I had my recipe perfected and everything.

Sounded great in theory.

In practice, my routine was so out of whack that I just ate completely haphazardly.

All vegan, mostly raw, but fasting? Nope.

But out of that chaos emerged this wonderfully crunchy hemp coconut fruit salad, so it was a blessing in disguise.

What I love about this recipe is that you can make it in 5 minutes flat, with no special equipment required.

In fact, you could make up a pre-mixed blend of the hemp, coconut and sunflower seeds, pack a selection of your favourite fruits, and then make it up on the spot.

Anywhere, anytime.

That definitely works for me.

And to be honest, I’ve always found fruit salads to be a little insipid.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good fruit salad. But sometimes, they just don’t quite satisfy.

And that’s where this raw crunchy hemp coconut fruit salad comes into its own.

The seeds and coconut add a wonderful texture to the fresh fruit AND they give it enough density and richness to perfectly hit the spot.

Because when you look at it, you’re still eating mostly fresh fruit. With just enough crunch and flavour to make it a hearty meal.

And I just love the way the coconut and seeds coat the fruit pieces, like you’re eating a bowl of little fruit snacks.

There’s something magical about the hemp-coconut-sunflower fuzz that covers each sweet and juicy chunk of fruit.

The perfect combination.

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