Raw Chocolate Bark

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Until recently, I didn’t even know what chocolate bark was, let alone that I could make a raw version.

But I was searching for a raw chocolate wafer recipe to make a super-duper-chocolatey dessert, and couldn’t go past this raw chocolate bark when I spotted it.

I get it now.

This raw chocolate bark is crunchy, chocolately and goes perfectly with ice-cream.

And I realised as the process unfolded, that I was basically making raw chocolate, which I’ve never done before.

So this would also officially have to be my first attempt at making raw chocolate.

And it turned out rather well, even if I do say so myself.

This chocolate bark contains activated buckwheat and quinoa sprouts, which packs it full of nutrition. It also creates a fantastic crunch and flavour.

I can imagine turning this raw chocolate bark into an awesome raw chocolate crackles recipe, but that experiment will have to wait.

Chocolate bark is calling me.

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