Raw Mango Lassi

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This raw mango lassi is sweet, tangy and creamy – everything a perfect mango lassi needs to be.

But without any yoghurt or milk in sight.

Drinking mango lassi is always my favourite thing about eating out at Indian restaurants, so I decided it was time to make a raw version.

I’m currently knee-deep in mangoes, partly because it’s mango season around here (oh, blessed mango season!) and partly because I’ve been buying them by the tray-full, while I can.

Mangoes are only available where I live for about three months every year, so I’m always determined make the most of this short-lived season of bliss.

Did I mention that I love mangoes? Love, love, LOVE mangoes. Quite possibly my favourite fruit. Ever.

Almost enough to make me want to move somewhere I can get mangoes all year ’round. Like my own tropical island, maybe?

Sigh. A girl can dream. And, she can eat mangoes, which is almost as good.

I’ve been having mango pudding, mango smoothies, mango fruit salad, mango au naturel and, of course, raw mango lassi.

Lots of raw mango lassi.

Minus the Indian food.

Because now that I can make my own raw vegan mango lassi, I don’t need Indian food as an excuse to drink this delightfully decadent drink any time I feel like it.

Full of flavour, and fresh, whole ingredients. So tasty and sweet.

It’s like dessert in a glass.

Mmmmm, raw mango lassi for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Think I might be addicted.

Mangoes Anonymous, anyone?

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