Nut-Free Raw Vegan Chocolate Cookies

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Craving something sweet and chocolatey without all the guilt?

My nut-free raw vegan chocolate cookies have got you covered.

With just five whole food ingredients, and free of the most common allergens, these cookies will meet your every need.

They’ll leave you feeling satisfied. They’ll free you from worry and guilt. And they’ll even do the dishes for you.

(OK. Maybe not that last one.)

These raw vegan chocolate cookies do take a little more effort than most of my “chuck it in the blender recipes”, but they’re SO worth it.

And I’m the queen of “low effort” cooking, so even when I say “more effort” they’re still pretty easy to make.

Sadly, they’re not suited to “instant gratification” because they need time to dehydrate (or freeze) after shaping.

Unless you eat the mix straight from the bowl that is.

And frankly, who would blame you if you did?

Sweet, chocolatey, allergen-free, unprocessed.

What are you waiting for?

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