Easy Raw Vegan Chocolate Fudge

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How many times have you stood in your kitchen wishing you could make something quick and easy to satisfy your chocolate cravings?

Well, I’ve done it countless times and that’s why this easy raw vegan chocolate fudge was born.

You don’t even need to crack out your kitchen gadgets if you don’t feel like it, because it can be made with just a bowl and a spoon.

The ultimate in lazy treats, huh?

I was also super excited when I created this raw vegan chocolate fudge recipe, because it’s made entirely with whole foods.

What’s that mean, you ask?

I mean, every single ingredient is in its original form. Nothing has been extracted or isolated, no industrial processes were involved in the making of this slice.

And that’s the kind of recipe I love.

Why? Because of all the diets around the world that create the best health in people, they all have one thing in common…

Whole foods.

And yet most people don’t even know what that means. In fact, I didn’t even know what it meant until a few years ago.

Sad, huh?

So these days I do my darndest to maximise the amount of wholefoods I use in every recipe I create.

I won’t always succeed, and sometimes I’m not willing to compromise the recipe for the principle, but I’m always moving in that direction.

But back to chocolate…

The longest part of this recipe is waiting for it to freeze so you can slice it up.

But you could always just eat the mix straight out of the bowl if you like. Promise I won’t tell anyone 😉

And if you want to make a treat for a special someone in your life, what better gift than a quick and tasty chocolate fudge?

Give them a chocolate buzz and a healthier body all in one go.

What a fantastic way to express your love ♥

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