Raw Veggie Burgers

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Burgers are not usually the glamour-queens of the kitchen.

We salivate over raw chocolate fudge and dream of tucking into some coconut vanilla ice cream, but get excited about burgers?

Not likely.

Well, I’d like to see if I can change that attitude. Because these veggie burgers rock.

Not only are they incredibly delicious and filling, but they’re raw, vegan and super fast and easy to make.

You just chuck everything into the food processor and blend. Now that’s my kind of recipe!

Then you shape them into burgers and throw them in the dehydrator for a few hours.

I use an egg ring and a willing husband to shape mine, so they look very ‘burger like’ and it takes me almost no time at all.

And dehydrating them is optional as well.

You can just eat the mix straight out of the processor if you like (which is why my recipe usually makes around 18 burgers, instead of 20).

And then of course you have a multitude of choices as to what you eat with your veggie burgers.

They really do go with almost anything, but fresh tomato and avocado is a favourite of mine.

We’ve also been enjoying our veggie burgers with a selection of amazing spreads from Botanical Cuisine, including their Mushroom and Pepper Berry Sauce and their Black Olive Pate.

And these burgers are also really delicious with a simple raw tomato sauce.

So many choices.

And by the time you add your choice of gourmet topping, besides being screamingly delicious, these veggie burgers are also amazingly filling and satisfying.

I’ve never managed more than two for dinner, and I’ve learned the hard way to stop at one if I want any chance of having space left for dessert.

So what are you going to have on yours?

Raw Burger recipe

Make sure to read the tips below the recipe to get the most out of this amazing Raw Vegan Burger recipe.

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