Raw Chocolate Sauce

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A good chocolate sauce can transform any dessert from ordinary to divine.

And eating raw food doesn’t mean you have to forgo the pleasures of a good chocolate sauce.

This recipe uses a simple – but decadent – combination of agave, cacao powder and cashew butter, with a hint of kvanilla to create a magnificent chocolate sauce.

The cashew butter is optional, but it adds such a rich nutty depth to this sauce that I’d never consider leaving it out.

Beside, it also means that you don’t have to use coconut oil, which so many raw chocolate sauce recipes do, and I find that coconut oil can sit very heavily sometimes.

I love this recipe because it’s another “just chuck everything in the blender” recipe, which means that it’s fast as well.

So the next time you sit down to dessert and realise that you’re all out of raw chocolate sauce, it won’t take you long to whip up another batch.

It’s OK, off you go. I’ll wait.

This is an incredibly versatile raw chocolate sauce that allows you to easily control the thickness by adjusting how much water you add.

Add a tiny amount (or none) and you can create a rich chocolate icing.

Add lots and you’ll create a perfectly runny sauce for drizzling over ice cream.

And as a bonus, you can “clean out” your blender with some almond milk, making an instant chocolate milk as a reward for all your effort.

So, what are you going to smear chocolate sauce all over first?

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