Raw Banana Oatmeal Porridge

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There’s nothing quite like starting a cold winter’s day with a warm, hearty breakfast.

And around here, the mornings have become very wintry!

It’s gone below zero a couple of times this week, and that’s very unusual for Melbourne.

So my raw banana oatmeal porridge has become my breakfast staple. And I’m glad about that.

It’s fast, it’s easy and there’s nothing to prepare in advance. And it’s oh so satisfying.

What’s more, you can make it for one, or you can make it for everyone, with almost no more effort.

Did I mention that it’s warm?

Serving it warm is the key to making this appetising on cold, frosty days, and pre-warming your bowls makes it even nicer.

Just make sure nothing gets TOO hot. (I’ll give you a simple tip, if you touch it and it hurts your hand, it’s too hot.)

Which means that I’ve finally found a use for my oven, the one kitchen appliance I almost never use these days, so it usually just sits around gathering dust.

Of course, you can top your raw porridge with whatever you like.

I’ve used maple syrup, sultanas and bananas, and at the moment I’m adding a bunch of chopped fresh fruit, including apple, banana, kiwifruit and grapes.

The sky really is the limit with this incredibly adaptable recipe.

And being based on oats and bananas, with only a small amount of cashews and flax meal, it’s also relatively low in fat.

Which is surprising, given how hearty and satisfying it is.

And of course, you can always leave the cashews and flax out altogether, that’s how awesomely forgiving this recipe is.

Time to make yourself some raw banana oatmeal porridge for breakfast?

Mmmmmm, warm porridge.

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