Vegan Deviled Egg Filling with Chickpeas

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Do you remember the deviled eggs your mum used to make for every potluck and special occasion?

I sure do, and I think you’ll find that this vegan deviled egg filling made with chickpeas is a delicious and very acceptable alternative.

Growing up, my Mum’s deviled eggs were one of those special treats that she would make from time to time, and I always looked forward to them.

The richness of the egg yolks and the lightly spiced curry filling, contrasted wonderfully with the soft, squishy hard boiled egg whites.

Of course, these days, I don’t eat eggs very often, but I do find myself craving those same flavours and textures at times.

So I was super pleased to discover that there’s a way to recreate it using chickpeas as the base, instead of hard boiled egg yolks.

And this vegan deviled egg filling is so easy to make too!

Just mash everything in together, fill your tomatoes – or whatever you want to serve it on – and sprinkle with spring onions and paprika.

Not only do they look fabulous, but they taste fantastic as well.

Oh, and they’re healthy too. And it makes a super-delicious dip. Bonus!

And it makes a super-delicious dip. Double​ bonus!

Must be time to crack out a can of chickpeas and whip up a batch.

I can taste the curry already…

Vegan Deviled Egg Chickpea recipe

Make sure to read the tips below the recipe to get the most out of this tasty vegan deviled egg filling recipe.

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