Raw Taco Salad

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I’ve eaten this raw taco salad almost every day for the last two weeks.

And that’s a big deal for me, because normally if eat the same thing more than four days in a row I never want to eat it again. Ever.

But not this delicious concoction.

I could eat it over and over and over and over and over and over again.

In fact, I have.

It’s slightly different every time, but it’s always delicious, and very satisfying. Even on cold autumn days.

Which is surprising, because it’s full of “salad-y” ingredients, and HEAPS of greens.

But so long as I stick to the recipe, I never feel like I’m eating a salad. Cool. (Or in fact, warm, not cool.)

Once you’ve made the walnut taco meat and the cashew sour cream, it’s so easy to throw together on the spot.

First, you get yourself a big bowl of greens.

I’m really enjoying my raw taco salad with salad rocket (aka roquette or arugula), but Paul really enjoys his with baby spinach, so it’s really a very flexible recipe.

Then you chuck on a generous handful of raw walnut taco meat.

Throw on some chopped avocado and tomato.

Drizzle your creation with cashew sour cream, and garnish with spring onion, or whatever else you feel inspired to add.

And voila!

What a masterpiece.

I just grab myself a big forkful of greens, and snag some tasty toppings as I go.

One of the other things love about this recipe, is that you end up with a big pile of chunky, creamy toppings…

…to which you just add more greens!

You could eat them on their own, but I really think they taste better with an extra handful (or two) of greens.

I can’t believe how much rocket I’m eating, and on really cold days too.

And I always feel full and satisfied afterwards, like I’ve eaten the heartiest winter meal.

Awesome stuff.

Raw Taco Salad recipe

Make sure to read the tips below the recipe to get the most out of this amazing Raw Taco Salad recipe.

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