Chickpea Vegan Chicken Schnitzels

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If you’re looking for a low-fat, high-protein option for dinner, then these chickpea vegan “chicken” schnitzels might just fit the bill.

Based on chickpeas, these pseudo-chicken schnitzels use vital wheat gluten for binding and savoury yeast flakes for a lovely cheesy flavour.

The addition of thyme and rosemary finishes off the chicken-like experience neatly.

Of course, there’s no actual chicken, and it’s been years since I had a true chicken schnitzel, so I’ll have to leave that assessment up to you.

But regardless, they’re a delicious vegan dinner option, and the best part is, my kids love them.

My daughter mostly loves pounding the dough balls into submission (and she’s scarily good at it).

But my teenage son, with his sensitive mouth and bottomless stomach gives my vegan chicken schnitzels a big thumbs up.


And honestly, who could resist them when they look as good as this?

And you might even be able to convince a non-vegan friend or two to give them a try.

Now all you have to decide is what to top them with.


Vegan Chicken Schnitzels recipe

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