Raw Flax Crackers

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Ah, the humble flax cracker.

I really didn’t appreciate the importance of this simple raw food staple at first.

“What’s with all the recipes for raw flax crackers?” I wondered.

After all, they’re hardly the most exciting recipe to make, when you have raw cakes and raw chocolate fudge calling you.

But do you know just how many things you can put on a flax cracker?

All of them. Seriously.

There’s almost nothing you can’t put on a flax cracker.

And when you’re hungry, looking for a quick snack, do you know how easy (and fast) is it to chuck some cashew cheese or some nut butter on a flax cracker?

Too easy.

So I’d like to suggest that if you’re trying to eat more raw, or even just a bit healthier, that flax crackers are a MUST.

I’ve had days where I craved highly processed, nutrient-empty starchy foods, and these boys have saved the day.

And they’re SO easy to make.

Mix, sit, spread, score, dry, done!

The only “fancy” piece of equipment I use is a dehydrator, and there are plenty of people who also make them in their ovens, so you have no excuses there.

Step 1. Mix & sit

You just mix everything together, and let it sit for about 10-15 minutes, until the mix starts to go clumpy, but not too thick.

Step 2. Spread

I like to spread my flax crackers to about 1-2 seeds thick. Basically as thin as you can go without leaving holes.

Step 3. Score

Technically scoring isn’t necessary, but it does make it easier to get square-ish crackers once they’re dried.

Many people say to score them 1-2 hours into dehydrating, but I almost always forget, so I just do it at the start, and it seems to work well enough for me.

Step 4. Dry

I dry my crackers overnight at least, and for up to two days (if I forget they’re in the dehydrator), but you really only need to do it until they’re dry, whenever that is.

And you’re done!

You’ve made yourself a pile of tasty, healthy, raw flax crackers.

With something this easy, there’s no reason not to always have a heap of these on hand, at the ready, for you to try out your latest vegan nut cheese or raw chocolate spread.

You won’t regret it, I promise you.

Now off you go, and see just how many different things you can find to eat with your new super tasty raw flax crackers.

I’m currently tossing up between walnut cashew cheese and fresh tomato, or almond butter and mashed banana.


Flax Crackers recipe

Make sure to read the tips below the recipe to get the most out of this versatile Raw Flax Seed Cracker recipe.

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