Raw Hot Cross Buns

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What do you make for Easter when you’re eating raw vegan, and you want to go easy on the chocolate?

How about these amazing raw hot cross buns?

Although I can’t particularly remember what the baked version of these tastes like, my partner swears they taste just like traditional hot cross buns, which is very cool.

They smell pretty awesome when they’re dehydrating, that’s for sure.

And they look amazing too!

This is another fantastic recipe for using almond pulp leftover from making your own raw almond milk.

And although you might only want raw hot cross buns at Easter, I reckon you could turn this mix into some pretty awesome fruit buns or date scones for eating at any time of year.

Now there’s another experiment for my ever growing list.

I took the opportunity to involve the kids with making this recipe, and it worked really well.

There were lots of things to measure out, or add to the bowl, or just pass over, and I think they had fun helping.

Unfortunately I still couldn’t manage to convince either of them to eat any.

Oh well, more for me I guess.

I enjoyed mine last night with coconut vanilla ice cream, and I think they’d go really well with some raw banana custard too.

I’ve also discovered that the leftover cross icing makes a great butter alternative, when slathered on generously, and it would make a fantastic lemon icing for all kinds of sweet treats.

I even tried a raw hot cross bun with a layer of raw orange marmalade through the middle, and that really worked as well.

So many ways to enjoy them!

My only challenge is knowing when to stop.

This is a recipe I’m going to be playing with again for sure.

Happy Easter!

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