Hearty Green Salad with Avocado and Mushroom

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Tired of insipid green salads with tomato and soggy lettuce?

Yeah, me too!

That’s why I created this “bulked up” version – a hearty green salad with avocado and mushroom that satisfies both your tastebuds and your tum!

No more feeling like a soggy rabbit. (Yay!)

Bring this to any social occasion and even if there’s nothing else for you to eat, you’ll walk away feeling full and happy.

And what I love about this hearty green salad is that it doesn’t rely heavily on starches either.

No rice, no quinoa, no couscous, no pasta. None of that.

Just heaps of delicious fresh veggies. Exactly what your body ordered.

To be honest, I’m not sure how exactly it manages to satisfy me every time, but it does.

Maybe it’s the bulk of the avocado, tomato and mushroom.

Maybe it’s the natural oils in the olives and avocado.

Or maybe it’s the tangy flavour of the greens, the red onion, the olives and the dressing.

And it even satisfies in cold weather. What low-starch salad can do that?

And it also works with heaps of different salad greens, like this spicy red mustard.

Frankly, I’m not fussed why it works. I just love that it does.

I love the way I feel after eating it – tastebuds tingling, stomach sighing happily and brain surprised once more that a salad could really be this good.

And I think you might just be pleasantly surprised too.

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