Raw Hot Chocolate

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I love it when I discover things by accident, especially when they’re as delicious as this raw hot chocolate.

I also love that I’m finally getting skilled enough in the kitchen to throw something together, and it actually works!

I can’t tell you how often I’ve got “creative” and ended up with something that tasted foul. F-O-U-L, foul!

And I always have the same dilemma – do I struggle through and eat it, even though it tastes horrible, or do I feed it to the worms (in our compost bin)?

But I’m so pleased that I’m finally getting a feel for this whole “cooking” thing, and I’ve only been doing it for, what 15-20 years?

OK, I’ll admit it, I’ve only been creating raw food recipes for about 2½ years, so maybe it doesn’t have to take that long to get the hang of it.

So if you’re worried about being more adventurous in the kitchen, take it from me, you may make some duds now and then, but it’s definitely worth it, because you’ll get better and better, and in no time you’ll be making food that everyone loves.

Anyway, this raw hot chocolate was the result of one of those happy accidents.

I was soaking some cashews to make something or other, and I just got to the point where I’d had enough of restocking the kitchen.

As much as I love the fact that my family enjoys eating the dishes I make, sometimes I get bored with making the same old things. (I like to experiment, had you noticed?)

And besides, I didn’t want those magnificent cashews to go to waste.

I also was craving something comforting to drink, like a carob banana smoothie or maybe a fat coffee.

So that’s when I had the inspiration to make the cashews into a raw chocolate smoothie.

I chucked them into the blender with an equal amount of dates, added a bunch of raw cacao and a pinch of vanilla, plus some water.

And that’s when the inspiration happened.

I realised that if I kept blending the mix, like I do with my raw banana oatmeal porridge, that it would start to warm up.

And I could turn it into a raw hot chocolate, which sounded very appealing, given how cold the weather is around here at the moment.

And of course I just happened to have some fresh strawberries lying around that needed to be eaten, so I artfully arranged one on the side of my big, toasty warm mug of raw hot chocolate.

Well, I think I may have outdone myself this time.

It was sooooooooo creamy and warm and tasty and sweet and chocolatey and everything that’s wonderful about hot chocolate.

And the strawberry was definitely the winning touch.

I also managed to strike the perfect balance between the dates and the chocolate, so it was kind of a bittersweet hot chocolate, instead of a sickly sweet hot chocolate.

Wow. And yum.

And it was so thick and creamy that it stuck wonderfully to both my insides and to the inside of my mug.

I wonder what the most elegant way is to clean out my mug afterwards?

Straw, spoon, finger, tongue? We don’t want to waste any, after all.

Nope, there’s no way to do this neatly.

So you’ll need to find yourself a corner where you can messily finish off this magnificent creation, or maybe just learn to ignore the raised eyebrows until you’ve finished every last drop.

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