Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Pudding

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I’ve gone a bit coco-nutty recently and this raw vegan chocolate coconut pudding is the result of my adventures.

Honestly, the first time I tasted this, it took me back 20 years, to when I used to make chocolate mousse from a packet.

You know the “just add milk, beat it thoroughly and leave it in the fridge overnight to set” kind of chocolate mousse?

Well this chocolate pudding is just like that, only a million times better.

And I reckon you could feed it to your non-vegan friends and you wouldn’t hear a single peep of complaint out of them.

It’s so creamy, sweet and chocolately, that it couldn’t possibly be healthy as well.

Only it is.

With just four wholefood ingredients, this raw vegan chocolate coconut pudding is not only delicious, it’s fantastically easy to make as well.

Yep, it’s yet another of my “chuck it all in the blender” recipes.

It uses the flesh from a young coconut as the base, plus medjool dates, raw cacao powder and a dash of vanilla bean powder.

If you haven’t yet mastered the art of opening coconuts, here’s a way to do it safely that’s a lot like the way I do it.

And even though it took me about three years to work up the courage to master opening coconuts, it was so worth it, because now I get to eat this amazing chocolate coconut pudding any time I like.

Just don’t take as long as I did!

Of course, it’s packed with the goodness of fresh coconut, including all the naturally occurring fats, which have got a bad rap in the past.

But according to some, there’s some amazing health benefits of fresh coconut, which I love, especially if it means I get to eat more chocolate pudding.

I’ve also found that I stay satisfied for ages after eating this pudding, so I don’t end up snacking as much either.

So take the plunge, give it a try, and you won’t regret it, I promise.

And you’ll never have to go back to packet chocolate mousse again!

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