High Raw Rice Salad

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This high raw rice salad is satisfying, delicious and oh so nutritious!

What on earth is a “high raw” salad anyway? Well, high raw basically means “mostly raw”.

In other words a high percentage of the ingredients are raw, so you know you’re eating as much raw food as possible.

This particular high raw rice salad was created after I read “The Starch Solution” by Dr John McDougall.

His approach to healthy eating involves eating as much low-fat, high-carbohydrate (starchy), vegan food as you like, and there are plenty of people who’ve lost heaps of weight and, more importantly, healed all kinds of illnesses and medical conditions by following his guidelines.

So when were looking for ways recently to increase our calories without adding more fat to our diet, this was one of the ideas we tried.

Doesn’t it look amazing?

A filling, nutritious meal based around cooked carbohydrates, in this case rice.

But still being huge fans of raw food, we adapted McDougall’s approach, by including as many raw ingredients as possible alongside the cooked starches.

And so this high raw rice salad was born. Packed full of raw veggies.

Apart from the seasonings, the only cooked ingredient is the rice.

Everything else is raw and bursting with flavour and nutrition.

In fact, by the time you add this many raw veggies to the rice, the rice is almost outnumbered.

And the tamari, salt and hemp seeds just take the incredible flavours up a notch further.

If you’re not so keen on the salty taste, you can just use my amazing raw tomato ketchup/sauce to dress the salad instead, which makes for an equally delicious combination.

And the cooked starches make this high raw rice salad incredibly satisfying as well.

So if you eat as much of it as you want, you’ll fill up on rice before you fill up on fat.

And what’s even better is that the only fat in this recipe comes from the avocado and the hemp seeds, two awesome wholefood sources of healthy fats.

Of course, like most salads, this recipe is also incredibly flexible.

You can adjust the amounts of any and all of the ingredients to make it just the way you like it, although I do recommend stuffing as many raw veggies in it as you can.

And not just because it’s good for you either. The veggies make it taste better. Honestly.

So this is a perfect recipe if you’re trying to increase the amount of raw foods in your diet.

You can use it to transition into eating more and more raw foods, by using the rice as a base for your favourite raw ingredients.

And you can take this high raw rice salad to your next potluck or function, confident that there’s something healthy and delicious for you to fill up on.

And you’ll be proud to share it with everyone, because healthy or not, it really does taste absolutely fantastic!

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