Raw Carob Banana Smoothie

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This raw carob banana smoothie is dangerously delicious.

Only because it’s hard to stop at just one glassful.

(I seem to make a lot of food like that, don’t I?)

But, hey, if you’re eating such amazing food, does it really matter?

I whizzed up this raw carob banana smoothie in a brave (but possibly misguided) attempt to reduce my chocolate intake.

And although that particular experiment failed, (what can I say? I love my chocolate), this smoothie has definitely made a huge change in my attitude toward carob.

I’ve been slowly warming up to the idea of carob as a chocolate substitute, because I have to admit, we’ve not always been the best of friends.

My first experiences of carob as a child were not very positive (bleck, I can still taste those carob buds), and ever since I’ve resented carob’s ‘try-hard’ chocolate flavour.

Carob just always seemed like a second-rate alternative to chocolate.

But I’ve had some reasonably successful experiments recently, and I think I’m slowly coming around.

I’d have to say that this recipe for a raw carob banana smoothie is definitely my most successful carob experiment yet.

So successful, in fact, that I’m rather taken with this creamy carob concoction, completely in spite of the fact that it has carob in it.

It actually tastes good in its own right, rather than seeming like a pathetic attempt to imitate chocolate.

I know I sound surprised, and I guess I am, but I am also really pleased. Honestly.

I’m always thrilled when I discover food that tastes this good.

And what’s even better is that my 4yo loves to drink it, and she’s not usually a big fan of my chocolate smoothies.

So anything that can win her fussy tastebuds over must be amazing, in my book.

It’s so fast to whip up too, so it makes a great quick dinner or afternoon snack.

So go on, give it a go and let me know how your carob experiment goes.

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