Raw Caramel Fudge

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You’re either going to curse me or bless me for sharing this recipe for raw caramel fudge with you.

You’ll bless me because this would have to be one of the simplest recipes ever. (Short of eating a macadamia stuffed in a date, that is.)

And you won’t believe just how magnificent two simple ingredients can taste. (Think warm tingly glow from your head to your toes.)

Or how easy it easy to clean out of the blender. (It practically falls out.)

And you’ll love how impressed everyone is with your culinary prowess. (I like the sound of that, “culinary prowess”. Yes, I’ll have some of that.)

On the other hand, you’ll curse me once you realise just how addictive this stuff is.

And how quickly it disappears from the freezer, moments after you finish making it. (“Hey, it’s not even frozen yet!”)

And because you can’t use the “I’m too busy” excuse any more.

And once you realise just how easy it is to keep eating more. (“Just one more piece. Oh maybe just one more. One more won’t hurt…”)

Does that make me cruel, sharing a recipe with you that will create so much internal conflict?

Maybe. But you’re an adult. I know you can handle it.

Besides, how could I deny you the magic of this raw caramel fudge with just two ingredients?

Just two. Dates. Macadamias.

That’s it. Nothing more.

Equal amounts of both.

It’s so easy it barely justifies writing it down.

But I will. Just for you.

I dare you to stop at just one piece.

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